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  • 15th May
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NIH Details Impact of 2013 Sequester Cuts

After weeks of worrying about how the mandatory across-the-board 2013 budget cuts known as the sequester would play out at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the biomedical research community now has final figures. The bottom line is as grim as expected: The agency’s overall budget will fall by $1.55 billion compared to 2012, to $29.15 billion, a cut of about 5%, according to an NIH notice today. That is essentially what NIH predicted as part of the 5.1% sequestration.

As a result, NIH expects to fund 8283 new and competing research grants this year, a drop of 703, according to this table. That number firms up the “hundreds fewer” awards that NIH officials warned of earlier this year. Including ongoing (already awarded) grants that are ending, the total number of research grants will drop by 1357 to 34,902 awards. The decline “reflects the fact that NIH’s budget is being shrunk due to the new budget and political reality, which is bad news for researchers and the patients they are trying to help,” says Tony Mazzaschi of the Association of American Medical Colleges in Washington, D.C.

NIH will try to keep the size of the average award consistent with 2012; it will not award inflationary increases for future years. The agency also expects to trim continuing grants. Grants that were cut up to 10% earlier this year because of budget uncertainty “may be partially restored,” but probably not to the original commitment level, NIH’s notice says.

To be honest, when I read this article my heart dropped a little because it highlights one of the harsh realities that people in science would rather not think/talk about. I’ve always felt it was a privilege to be able to do science with federal funds but this is still disappointing. I can’t help but think how much harder getting a PhD and a postdoc is going to be :( However, I understand that sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do and cut corners when and where you have to.

Science is not for the faint of heart. You’ve been warned. 

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    If you are doing psychological research that requires funding in the USA, your battle is getting more uphill. It is a...
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    I feel bad thinking how hard it’ll be for my friends in grad school and research to get funding. Cutting corners in...
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    In other words, Papa Bear is fucked. Yet, I love my job. However, I will be sending in my first R01 grant application...
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